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About Me

Maayan Chayo

Hey everyone,

I’m Maayan and welcome to my Interior design studio with over 10 years of experience.
My greatest passion has brought me to choose a career in interior designing and architecture, Where my biggest objective is to connect people with the workspaces environment. 
Today, more office switch from a standard office and turn it into an environment of functionality, art, fun, colors where employees feel like part of the company and employee productivity grows. 
We spend most of our hours in the office. CEOs and HRs understood that this is one way to recruit and maintain good employees. With proper office planning, you can improve your health, mood and cognitive abilities.
I specialized, advised and planned for a wide variety of offices, clinics, high-tech, and leading start-ups.
In an innovative, sophisticated design style that combines eclectic styles, pop art, biophilia, creative vintage and elements adapted to the organizational character of the company and centralized employee and their needs.

I would be happy to arrange a meeting of acquaintance, no obligation

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