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Namogoo Raanana

280 Sqm 
Photo: Efrat Saar

Namogoo Raanana: Photo Gallery
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"Maayan has a very high standard of work quality and gives maximum attention to every detail of her office, and her ability to simplify complex requirements for architectural solutions, along with creativity and unconventional thinking in a relatively short time, is amazing. To the old office and absorbed the atmosphere we wanted to pass on to the guests of the office and to the workers, and helped us find the appropriate offices and space to dissolve and of course planning the interior space, the results are that everyone who comes from outside to my office is impressed by the design and arrangement of the office. Really took Open space to new and enjoyable spaces for the entire office staff, and the range of work space you can use in the office is very useful and the employees are very good at using it. "

Chami Katz and Ohad Greenspan Entrepreneurs of Namgoo Company

Namogoo Raanana: Testimonials
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